Best Facial Cleaning Brush in 2019---VKK

The face wash is nothing new for everyone.But it can be used as a facial-cleaning brush and a face introduction massage device.I think this is not a traditional facial-cleaning brush!!

After thoroughly washing your face with a facial cleaning brush, you may feel that your face is a little dry.You can use the mask and use the vkk face introduction device massage on the face.You will feel the face is not tight and more soothing.And can also be used for secondary cleaning.The reviewer say her also a former Foreo Luna 2 user,but the price is too expensive.The vkk brush is very friendly to her sensitive skin.What surprised her even more is that VKK has an essence absorption area,which is used when applying the mask, warm and comfortable.


  • DEEP CLEANSING: 3-in-1 electric face wash brush with with makeup remover, cleaning and import function, cleansing model has three speeds, gently remove stubborn makeup, exfoliate, deep clean pores, reduce breakouts and remove blackheads.

  • WARMLY IMPORT: Use it with your favorite serums and creams, warmly import can help absorb better. Feel confidence with a deeper, cleaner, younger, more beautiful complexion.
  • SKIN FRIENDLY: 100% Food grade silicone, safe and non-irritating, suitable for all skin types. Wave vibration transmission, accelerate facial blood circulation, revitalize the skin.
  • IPX7 WATERPROOF: IPX7 waterproof grade, safe to take it in shower or bath. Portable design allows you to take it everywhere, Keep your face radiant even when you are traveling.