A Journey to Our Origins


 As faithful supporters of Zen, we always believe that everything should be back to the original and the most primitive skin condition is the best. In 2018, we found out a great number of people suffered from skin problems because of urban pollution remaining in the pores, but still, with no caution of cleaning.


“Light up the beauty of youth” is our eternal mission and we are trying to help people get a natural, authentic, and healthy skin. Mainly starting by deeply cleaning skin pores and fancy tools. We believe skin miracle is hidden beneath heavy skin impurities. The destiny of beauty will be finally within reach as long as it’s cleaned up.


In Good Company

In only 1 year, we’ve started VKK with 2 employees in Hong Kong, China, and had about 100 people worldwide. And now we have settled in Amazon USA/UK/DE/ES/IT/FR/JP, Rakuten and shipped our products to more than 70 countries.

It’s hard to believe we achieved a huge success in such a short time. Most of us are completely new to the world of beauty, but have become experts by practicing. And that’s exactly why we always come up with some brand new solutions to skin problems.


Secret Biological Technology 

For now, we mainly focus on developing two significant biological technologies: Micro-current and ionic effect.

Micro-current will stimulate muscle massage to restore muscle elasticity. At the same time, current stimulation of the dermis layer also promotes the cells to produce more ATP, which is also a key substance for collagen production.

Ionic effect is able to use the principle of homgeneous repulsion and heterogeneous attraction to introduce related cosmetic products and medicines into the skin to achieve both absorption and discharge.


Our Leading Products
After day-to-day research by professionals, we developed VKK Facial Cleansing Brush, VKK Blackhead Remover and VKK Facial Steamer, which are now leading the whole industry. Also, we’ve been on the path of design products. VKK Anti-Scalding Hair Straightener is the very first and only product we feel satisfied with and we will keep promoting the best products for you.
Under this special circumstance, we have rapidly developed several COVID-19 Prevention Products in order to keep all VKKers safe during the outbreak of COVID-19. So, don’t get confused.
Only these? Of course not! More amazing products are on their way to us. Stay tuned!