How to choose a face cleansing brush

Facial cleansing brushes are your skin’s best friend when it comes to removing every last scrap of makeup, pollution and grime that’s thrown our way daily. Not to replace your favorite cleanser, a cleansing brush works in conjunction with it to thoroughly clean and exfoliate skin.

VKK handle design face cleansing brush

Many girls ask me”does daily use of  a face brush make your cuticles thinner and thinner?”,If you,what will you answer this question?Maybe you will say “i’m sensitive skin,i wash my face with my hands,not use the facial brush,is will be hurt my skin,my skin is so weak”.In my view,if you choose the right brush,you have not worry about that.What type of brush can we choose?There are all kinds of face brushes on the market now,maybe have misguide to you.

You can choose a brush from these aspects

💜First understand the material of the brush

💜The second thing to know is the shape of the brush

💛Is the function of this brush suitable for you

💚Know all the specifications of the brush

If the material of the brush head is too hard, will it be cleaner?I don't agree with this,too hard will hurt your skin and not suitable for sensitive skin.So we prefer to choose the more soft brush head,more gentle on the skin.In addiction,the brush material uses food grade silicone,Small form factor, perfect for travel.

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